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Kelly's page

Hi Kelly,

Well it is my turn, your pages are a bit more extensive, so I may not have
covered everything.

There are a lot of small esthetical flaws, here an extensive survey. (Sorry,
once I started, I couldn't stop).

Several pages end abrupt, adding a horizontal bar or something like that may
keep on from wondering if the document is incomplete.

Several images (at the explorer page) have a blue-rectangle around them (a
link), I wonder if that is necessary. (Maybe for old browsers, I really
don't know) They suggest that clicking on them will reveal more information.

You use a lot of <PRE>formatted-areas, they have the habit to be longer than
the initial width of the window. Maybe decreasing the font (<FONT=-1>a bit
or breaking the lines more often will keep one from needing to scroll aside.

Your explorer class page has several chapters, you may want to add a table
of contents at the top of the document with links to the top every part.

The Explorer_Hab_Ring.JPG in crewquarters isn't the right size.

While most images have a white background the documents have the original
grey background. Your original explorer class page did have a white one.
Another suggestion would be to make the images transparent

Several tables are over the total width of the window, it doesn't look nice.
Try removing the "WIDTH=100%" part in the TABLE.

The tables in the food-number document are all in PREformatted text, this
makes the tables unnecessary large.

Some tables will look better if they the rows are centered <TR ALIGN=CENTER>

The "Overview of all concepts" link in the Explorer class document isn't a
relative but an absolute link.

The "Explorer class starship design" link in Stardrives refers to the
directory instead of the document (works though).

The "Bussards Fusion reactor" in Stardrives doesn't work (can't find the page).

The "internally fueled fusion rockets " in External_fueled is not complete
"\stardrives" instead of "\stardrives.html"

I'm not 100% but the "Vacuum landers" & "Aero landers" link in Manifest
referring to "..\Support_Craft" do not work.

The "Shuttle craft" link refers to the directory instead of the document
(but works also).

Next letter I'll comment about the content, but most seems OK.