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Re: new web site/status report

>Can I assume the 19.89 mass ration is composed of 1/4th antimatter and
>3/4ths reaction mass (normal matter)?

Yes, that's about the case (25.35% to be more exact)

>By the way, I was wounderin.  DID ANYONE LOOK AT THE NEW WEB PAGES!!??  the
>ones under Explorer_Class, Status_Report, and Support_Craft at Daves
>Theres 50 - 60 pages of stuff up there so I expected some comment from

Well last time I looked, I had not much time and thought to have found only
5 pages (now I see that I missed several links). This was 6 days ago. At
home I have limited access-time so when knowing that I need to be on the web
for several hours I go to university where it is free and unlimited. Because
I don't live on campus and currently have holidays I need to go there which
takes an hour by bus.
For this reason it would be handy if the pages are zipped up somewhere, so
that I can make a handy reference copy at home and read it in my comfi chair.

Besides all this I wrote a message a week ago asking if my page looked OK,
never heard anyone about it (except Rex in a private letter). I don't care
(well I do) but I do not like you telling to look at your page fast while
you yourself are neglecting my simple request (one single page).

I had planned to go to the university tomorrow, so then I will look once
more at your page.