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Broken Draft on New Lit Server

I loaded my current draft of the Explorer Class, Starship Design status
report, and Support craft web documents, to your workstations prototype LIT
site.  But the links don't work right.  Most of the images don't come up, and
some of the interdocument links arn't working.

So Dave, oh professional web maker, what did I do wrong?  If you give me a
hint I might not screw up next time!

As to the documents.  I have to add more illistrations.  Especially more 3d
imagines (thou the first two don't look bad!), and the text is a bit awkward.
 (Typing it in bits and peices during breaks isn't the best way.)  But, I
loaded a ton of info!  Mass numbers for supplies, habitats, support craft,
total fuel amounts, etc..  I didn't know how much to make general info, and
how much to just put under my assumptions.  So a lot of it is in the
Explorer_Class folder (if you can link to it).  If everyone would read and
comment I'ld appreceate it!

Oh Dave, mind if I up load a few meg of packground documents?  I figured it
might make a good reference archive.  Also, my hard drive at work has a lot
more space then the ones on my home computers, and some of the image files
are bulky!.  If nothing else, if i could park some of the big files there for
ftping to home later I would appreciate it.  (One of the 3d graphics data
bases is 13 meg!)