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>Dave mentioned his anoyance over the lack of visibility of LIT in
>comparison to ISP before, and I commented that LIT may not be a good
>name/frount end.  If you pop into the LIT home page and see Lunar Institute
>of Technology 2032 and all the rest.  You might be forgiven in assuming it
>was a science fiction club or something.  It hardly sounds like a serious
>attempt fourm for discussion of space or star flight.  (Presentation is
>everything.)  Possibly putting the starship design project under another
>home page (or its own home page), or renaming LIT to something more serious
>sounding might help get us some visibility as a serious forum.  Certainly
>the starship design project seems to have most of the interest.

Forgive me if I say something that isn't correct, it's a long time since I
checked the LIT-site.

What I always like about a site is instant information what it is about
exactly, so that I don't have to look through several pages to figure out
what it is about. I remember that when I first visited the site, I had a lot
of trouble finding out what it was about.
Unfortunately I cannot remember what it was that catched my imagination, I
only know that I decided to join the mailing group, just to look what it was
about. Then after seeing that I could add some useful things to the
discussion, I started writing messages.

So shortly, we need a better entry, something that leads right into the
heart of LIT, there it should show clearly what LIT is and why people should
or should not join and/or contribute.
I know there is some info about what LIT is, but it is just not enough. What
is enough is the amount of reference information (then again can there ever
be ENOUGH of that?)

What also confused me when visiting LIT several years ago, was that it
seemed as if it was set up for a schoolproject. I first thought that is was
a more or less private university campus discussion.

Oh yeah, I often had to wait rather long before that LIT-logo was loaded,
I'm not sure what was/is the reason (it was not my bandwith). I guess the
LIT-site was just slow.

Some other idea to get more interest could be to mail in listservers with
people that may be side interested (eg. free-energy list, I've seen that
here are some people there who have some technical background and might be
interested in our group)

OK, that's it I think, just some phases I went through after having found my
way to the Internet.

(I can remember myself writing to someone telling that his page looked
great, wow, was I a newbie, although it always is nice to hear something
from your readers...)


P.S. I never had the impression that it would be a sci-fi club, it all
looked rather serious (as far as this whole idea can be serious)