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Re: The future...

>>It is so frustrating being stuck in the 1990s while trying to design a ship

>>whose technology is really at least 100 years beyond our reach.  But since 
>>the tech is 100+ years away, we have to make some assumptions, which I 
>>believe include ARCs.  Do you agree?

> Yes, although I for mining and other large scale projects 
> I "see" that AI controlled nanotechonolgy will be even 
> more ultimate than plain robots. But too look at it 
> from a completely different viewpoint, I "see" that 
> there will be new sources of energy, that have just 
> started bubbeling or will start in the years to come. 
> These new sources will bring with them physics
> that we could not dream of yet.

Yes, I keep remembering physisists I've read muttering about possible forms
of direct total matter conversion, zero point quantum energy, and other
tricks that would solve most of our problems.  (Not to mention faster than
light drives!)  We're like the Wright brothers trying to scope out a space
shuttle design!  ("First you cover your wooden struts with lots of light
weight fire brick and resin....")