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Re: BMP, Gif, Jpg, Wmf.

To Kevin,

>I have many graphics conversion programs,  If you want to send the .bmp 
>files to me, I can convert them to any relevent graphics format.

Try finding "Alchemy" it's a DOS-based program, it can convert hundreds of
formats! If you found it (or want me to put it on the web), I can give you a
patch to remove the shareware protection that prevents converting larger images
The program is 670 Kb when compressed and isn't the most userfriendly
program I haven't seen, but who cares, it is ideal when converting a bunch
of the same imageformats.

>I used this to convert a Powerpoint graphic into a .gif for my asimov 
>webpage.  the Idea was totally wacked, so I took it off my server.
>but the graphics were just fine.  I have found that i can convert almost 
>anything into almost anything.  You can either send the pictures to me via 
>E-mail, or you can put them on your web page, and then i can 
>download/convert/re-install.  If David gets the LIT server up, then I 
>think we could use that as a FTP site.

There are also a few ftp-sites where you can upload some stuff, it will than
stay there for one or two days for everybody who wants it.
I don't know these sites by head, but heard that they exist.