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Drag chutes.

To: Kelly. (et al.)

the main problem of a drag chute, is the thinness of ICM.  The chutes 
only seem to work at high % of C (well above .80).  we can't decell at a 
lower fraction of G than we accelerated at, or else we would have to 
start much earlier(in effect, moving the midpoint much closer to Sol)
this would then cut down the top possible speed. because you had less 
time of 1 G accel.  I think a Drag chute would work for a MARS, because 
you could save a large amount of RM by using the Chute (for about a month 
of Crew's time if I recall correctly), Then you could cut the sail loose, 
which would dropp the ship's mass by about half.  i still have some slim 
hopes for the MARS, but I am going to need to spend a lot of time digging 
into it.  if you want to calculate drags, go ahead.  but be warned.  i 
will send the numbers tommorrow (yes, Gov workers sometimes work on Sat.) 
but I don't think it will help slow us downvery much.