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Re: Argosy Paper Preview

At 6:15 PM 3/14/96, Brian Mansur wrote:
>>From Brian
>Since I have just 23 hours before going off-line for then next week and
>three days, I'd like to take care of a little last minute business
>concerning the Argosy paper I'm working up.
>Note to Kelly Starks.  You've wanted to help out with the paper.  Thanks.
> You should know, however, that I am still limited to BMP drawings.  Can you
>convert or compress these to something usable on the web pages?  If so, I'll
>have to send them to your e-mail account at the rate of one or two a day.  I
>apologize for this nuisance, but I just haven't been able to figure out how
>to download the other drawing programs (without going to a store and paying
>for non-sharewares).  On the bright side, the text can probably be sent in
>one letter.

Hum, I'll see waht I can find.  I don't remember using BMP, but I might be
able to find a conversion.

>Note to group:  When the Argosy paper text shows up in your mail boxes, look
>for material you wrote.  I realized after reading over some letters today
>that you guys more than often explain things better then I can.
>Note about Argosy Paper Quality: I don't promise anything spectacular, just
>a summary written in similar style to the Explorer page but with a lot of
>questions left unanswered.  I'll go into pros and cons where I think it will
>help Web surfers who come across the paper (not to mention you guys who,
>like me, love to pick an idea apart).  Also, I expect that some of the text
>will come directly from the Explorer page.  All in all, however, this paper
>should be a  decent enough draft for the group to consider.
>If you have anything specific that you'd like to contribute, mail me and
>I'll see if I can fit it in somewhere.  I'd especially appreciate ideas and
>weight numbers on the sail (Kevin has provided some of this data already
>which I think will end up on the paper).
>You guys have a nice week.


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