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Re: Explorer Power Gain Problem

>> The formula is right, but the number is only valid when the velocity of the
>> starship is 5 m/s. The problem with the document is that the meaning of the
>> number is not told.
>Now I remember.  I calculated the power the drive system would need for a one
>second boost, and assumed it would be constant for the flight.  I.E. if
>it takes X watts to push the ship at a ship G for a secound.  Multiply that
>by the number of seconds of boost to get to desired speed, and ....
>Given that the engine should need to output the same power, to accelerate the
>same mass, at the same rate, at diferent speeds.  It seems like it should

Ah that makes some sence, you indeed can use this trick to calculate the
power needed for a self-fueled ship. But keep in mind that the mass of the
ship may decrease significantly due to the "burning" of the fuel.