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Re: New idea Laser launcher/scoop systems

>>I assume that all the particles will be ionized so that we can make the
>>walls of magnetic fields. If this doesn't work, I'm not sure what would,
>>since the temperature of the particles would be very high (1E6 Kelvin?).
>True.  I'm starting to get woried that particals will lose energy to the
>mag or voltage sheilding, rather than bounce back from the wall and out the
>back.  Anyone know how relativistic reflections work?

Assuming we can make a field strong enough to reflect the particles at all.

Does anyone know how and if this problem can be solved?

>>Another way to decrease the pressure is simply to add less power (which is
>>the smartest way, I think). So then the amount of particles goes down and so
>>does the pressure.
>???  The power is related to the number of particals reactiong.  I.E. a
>given fusion reaction releases particals with x energy each.

Yes, but when you decrease the amount of particles that are released, the
pressure build up is slower. This makes that the equilibrium pressure goes
down too.
Imagine a funnel in which you pour water. If you pour only a little bit of
water all goes out slowly without building up a waterlevel in the funnel. If
you pour more water, then the waterlevel in the funnel starts to rise and
the velocity of the water that comes out of the funnel increases with the
height of the waterlevel. If you pour too fast the funnel will flow over.
The level of the water can be compared with the pressure in the engine, the
amount of water poured in cna be compared with the amount of particles
(photons) released by the fusion reaction.