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Re: Explorer Power Gain Problem

To Brian,

>The formula in Kellies Explorer page is correct. The same thing you asked
>about that 5 m/s, I asked Kelly some long time ago (so long that he probably
>doesn't remember it anymore (no offence)).
>So, bottom line, is the NUMBER right.  You only said the formula was 
>correct.  Did I misunderstand you?  I keep getting 5E16W, not 5E9W.

The formula is right, but the number is only valid when the velocity of the
starship is 5 m/s. The problem with the document is that the meaning of the
number is not told.

So, yes, use  P = m a v  to calculate the power needed to accelerate a mass
m when it is flying at a speed v.

!! Important note: this formula is only valid for beamed energy, this means
the power P is the power from a non-moving energy source.

So since you don't want to use any form of beamed energy, you aren't a step
further. If you want to use a selfsustained ship, use the numbers that I
resently sent to the group, or check out the "calc.txt" document (and the
DOS program "calc.zip" that comes with it).