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Re: New idea Laser launcher/scoop systems

>>That gives for the specific impulse = 0.085c/(9.8*1) = 2.6E6
>>So while this may look much, I think it is right. Why do you think it
>>is not OK?
>Well one problem I have is since I don't know ow to find what speed the
>reaction particals will be at after the reaction (I have Mev power levels
>but I'm not sure how to use them), The equation doesn't tell me much.  For
>example, a pound of fuel will fuse and realest its particals at x Mev.
>What speed is that?  How much electric power can the generator convert that
>to?  Using that electricity, how much mass can we accelerate to the ideal

I think the initial velocity doesn't matter since one can regulate the final
velocity with the size of the outlet (see below).

>>If you ignore energy losses, it doesn't matter, as long as you can regulate
>>the exhaust velocity of the plasma (which should not be too hard).
>I woud think the velocity would be fixed. I can't think how to increase it
>without adding external power.  Decreasing would probably involve taping
>some of its power off, and giving it to a larger volume of reaction mass.

No, what matters most is the pressure that is build up inside the engine.
The higher the pressure, the higher the exhaust velocity.
One can regulate that velocity by enlarging or reduce the ourlet.

Jet-fighters also have an adjustable outlet, just before take-off they make
the outlet small, this way the engine-rotation can stay constant (but the
power has to increase). I assume that closing the outlet can be done
considerable faster and easier than increasing the revolutionspeed of the