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Computer meltdown ;-(

Uh OH!

I'm having severe computer  Hardware/Software problems.  (I'm replying to 
you all from a university computer.)  My ability to respond in a timely 
fashion, as well as my total time to respond will probably be severely 
affected.  Tim wrote me a private e-mail about the sail melting, I asked 
him to check on one formula before posting it.  You can expect me to be 
unresponsive for about two to three days, while I swap out a hard drive, 
and re-install my operating system.   hopefully my video RAM is not 
toasted, but I have little hope  :(  I may respond to selected e-mail's 
either by coming to the university or telneting in from work.  (and here 
i was lecturing Kelly about wasted time.  ;)  )