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New Design Team Member

I got this via email.  Thought he might be interested
in the continuing discussions.  Please add him to your
"To:" lists.  Thanks!



Subject: FYI: Rex Finke's Curriculum Vitae 
  Date:  Mon, 11 Mar 1996 22:03:10 -0500 
  From:  DotarSojat@aol.com
    To:  David@interworld.com

TO:   David Levine                                March 11, 1996
FROM: Rex Finke

     In view of the possibilities that 1) you might find a need
for support in an area in which I have experience, or 2) you
might like to know where I'm coming from when I send in a 
on some topic or activity of the Starship Design Project, I am
providing you with my curriculum vitae, as follows--

  Systems Analysis/Modeling, Flight Mechanics, Propulsion, Heat

  A.B., Astronomy and Physics, 1949; M.A., Physics, 1951, Ph.D.,
     Nuclear Physics, 1954; UC Berkeley

  Teaching Assistant, Physics, UC Berkeley, 1949-50
  Operation and maintenance of 32-MeV proton linear accelerator,
     UCRL Berkeley, 1950-54
  Fast photography for high-explosives/nuclear-explosives 
     UCRL Livermore/Nevada, 1954-55
  Nuclear rocket (Project Rover) design, UCRL Livermore, 1955-57
  Nuclear ramjet (Project Pluto) design, UCRL Livermore, 1957-62
  Nuclear reactor operation, UCRL Livermore(Nevada), 1959-62
  Thermonuclear-explosives design, UCRL Livermore, 1961
  Orion pusher-plate temperature calculation, IDA, 1962
  Space station conceptual design, IDA, 1963-65
  Reusable launch vehicle conceptual design, IDA, 1964-70
  Space Shuttle design, IDA, 1969-71
  Nuclear-propulsion analysis for lunar mission, IDA, 1970
  Launch-vehicle (principally Shuttle) performance, operations
     and cost analyses, IDA, 1973-88, 1991
  Beam-weapons analyses, IDA, 1974-86, 1995
  Strategic Defense Initiative analyses, IDA, 1983-92
  Relativistic mechanics for interstellar flight, 1987-present
  Mars-mission nuclear-propulsion analysis, 1990-91
  Retired 1992; presently Adjunct Staff Member, IDA
  Author or co-author of 14 open and 75 limited-distribution
  Fellow, American Astronautical Society (conferred 1986)