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Re: Another new? idea

To Kelly,

>I wasn't offended.  I just thought you had lost it in the avalance, and then
>half remembered it and thought you came up with it.

Yes, I wasn't sure anymore, in fact I started writing it after the first
letter I read, after reading more and more letters, I started realizing that
you guys had similar thoughts.

>> >Your talking about some heavy power equipment, but you've eliminated the
>> >almost impossible problem of cleanly reflecting the beam.
>> No, I wasn't reflecting it, I was retransmitting it by using maser-beams.
>Note: I said "eliminated the almost impossible problem of cleanly reflecting
>the beam".  I.E. you're not reflecting it.
>I think your snow blind from the E-mail avalanch.  ;)

Yes, I think so :)  Warn me again if I'm at the edge of a cliff...

>I wasn't thinking of it for here.  Sorry for confusion.  I'm still woundering
>if their is some better way to use the beam to decel.

sO AM i (iS MY caps-LOCK ON?)

>>>I was woundering if we could focus the beam on a reaction mass for some
>>>kind of plasm brake or something.  But can't remember the equations that 
>>>were geting thrown about.
>> I didn't understand what you want to have, could you restate it?
>Powe in watts to thrust equation if you have it.

You mean E=0.5 M v^2 and Power=E/t ?