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Re: Orbit B

to Kevin C Houston

> > On Wed, 6 Mar 1996 KellySt@aol.com wrote:

> > re Kevin C Houston
> > > Which is why i proposed building the maser array on a small,
> > > planet.  (like mercury)
> > 
> > Kind of useless for a reflector.  And as a transmitter the beam would be
> > moving side to side and couldn't keep to a fixed vector.
> > 

> No, think of a cone twelve light-years tall, with a base circle the size 
> of merc's orbit.  the angular deviations would be nearly 
> impossible to measure.  Let's just consider a 
> two-dimensional analogy. an isoceles triangle twelve 
> lightyears to a side, with a 72 million mile base:====

Lets consider that if the beam is 72 million miles across, and the sail is 10
thousand miles across; and the ship needs e18 watts of beam to hit the sail.
 The total power over the entire beam would need to be about e25 watts.  I
think we are starting to outpower the sun here Kevin.