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Re: RE: New idea Laser launcher/scoop systems

>From Brian

>Cutting in here a second.  How about we make the reaction mass out of maser 
>sails (many heavy (kg weight) starwisps?).  Problem is how to ionize them
>since they are design to reflect light.

>Are you proposeing the laser launcher be replaced with a maser sail system?
>That is not my intention for various reasons.

My idea was a random thought that I just threw in as a possible prelude to 
an idea.  What reasons did you have for not using maser beams?

Lasers can transmit more energy in a smaller beam.  This allow the pulse
laser rocket to do stearing of the canister.  Also the structure of the
canister is small and solid.  No big fragile sails.  This also mean the
canisters can turn quickly without tangeling there sails. 

>I don't know that you'd get the canister up to even
>a %c and the exhaust would be going in the wrong direction.  Unless, of
>course, if you were reversing the direction of the canister so that the
>exhaust would head toward TC.  Am I following you?

>No.  As I showed you should be able to get up to a good % of C.  The
>canisters dock with the ship and offload fuel and are consumed for reaction
>mass.  Thou during return to Sol the canisters are dethonated ahead of the

That's cool!

Should be a flashy enterence!  ;)

>Oh, the Explorer Class is not intented for a T.C. flight.  With a top speed
>of maybe 1/3rd C its too slow.

Alpha Centauri, HO!

Right!  Or one of the other stars at the 4 to maybe 7 light year range.  It
ain't Tau, but I try to do my part as the resident conservative designer.  ;)

>I don't see how you are going to catch the canister (I admit that I'm
>skimming some of this since I have to do work very soon here).  I'll have 
>reread this idea some more but at least its a new idea.  I still don't see 
>solution for slowing down into TC though.

>The Explorer class slows down using fuel carried on board.

Back to the same old problems again.  Oh well.

No, I figured out how much fuel the ship could carry.  Which shows it could
decelerate from about .3C if it didn't need to accelerate from sol with
onboard fuel.  Given very light efficent fusion motors of designs curently
being considered (well I assumed they are lighter given biger size and newer
(2050) technology) these were the performance numbers I though I could get.

Given the launchers, fusion motor, and an assumed ability to find fuel in the
target system (and a big check book) the Explorer class can now get to, and
back from, closer target stars in acceptable mission times.  If you build a
launcher system in both star system you can boost to higher speeds and
shorter flight times.

I was sure I sent this all around for comment!