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Re: Another new? idea

From: KellySt
To: T.L.G.vanderLinden; stevev; jim; zkulpa; hous0042; rddesign; David; 
lparker; bmansur
Subject: Re: Another new? idea
Date: Wednesday, March 06, 1996 11:56PM

> >I'ld say that was a clever idea, but since I'm sure I suggested it a
> >days ago and no one noticed, I'll ignore you.  :-P

> I'm sorry but I had no intend to make this idea look as if it was mine, I
> just wanted to restate it since, at least I was almost lost in this
> of letters.

>I wasn't offended.  I just thought you had lost it in the avalance, and 
half remembered it and thought you came up with it.

That avalanch is very much my doing.  More than half of the letters I've 
noticed had titles that originated from my keyboard.  To put things into 
perspective, I just finished saving and deleting 150+ letters, all of which 
were dated to the last week and a half.  I wrote more than 50 of them!  I'll 
tell you that I've spent more time, A LOT more time, on this starship 
project this last week than I have on schoolwork.  Fortunately we're in a 
lull so I'm not too far behind.  To keep it from getting worse, however, I'm 
going to have to slow down and get refocused.

About giving credit where its due.  Most things that I, at least, have 
thought of have been inspired by something someone else in the group said. 
 What we're doing here is getting the pieces of the starship puzzle on the 
table and trying to make them fit.  It doesn't matter so much where we got 
them as it is whether or not the puzzle gets finished.  Then we can sign 
_all_ our names to it.  Since when did I start getting allegorical?  That's 
really scary.