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Re: Re: Summary A

To Kelly,

>> What kind of accidents should I think of? Exploding batteries,
>> electrical shortcuts?
>Normal stuff, falls, smashing glass, electrical shorts, etc...  Solar
>requires a lot of hands on work out of doors.  It has one of the highest
>labor overhead rates of major power systems.  So a lot of folks get hurt.  I
>think about 10-20 times as much as coal or nukes.  Also solar has thermal
>polution problems.  But no more than most old style power systems.  Well and
>a very high expence, but thats not what we were talking about.

Hmmm, no luck then unless solar panels are build in at the same time the
house is constructed. (I assume that if everyone had it's own generator, a
similar rate of accidents would be the case)

>> Now I see what you mean, but how many animals would be 
>> killed by pollution caused by dirty-energy? 
>So don't use dirt, thou I suppose it (coal) is ironically the one most likly
>to get past political problems.  In my old neighbor hood in Wisconson the
>folks chased out a Nuke in favor of a coal plant and thought themselves real

I guess the human mind works in crazy ways. (as if I figured that out a
minute ago...)

>I heard they like to hang out in tracks with strong favorable winds.
> unfortunatly thats the only place you can put a wind turbine.  

I wouldn't know that, so can't make any senseble comment.


P.S. Kelly would you like me (and the others) to send LIT mail to your job