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Re: Mirrors (first draft)

Brian 10:50 AM CT 3/5/96,

Thanks for the comments.  I'll try to reply to them in a day or two (I'll be 
busy for the rest of this week on School Club activities and homework).  But 
here's a little something.

[much discussion deleted]

>So much for bolstering my hybid design.  By the way.  From now on I'm going
>to officially call it an ARGOSY class starship.  Since I'll probably have
>nothing better to do over spring break (like relaxing?), I'll see if I can
>improve my design.  Expect to see a lot of ideas borrowed from the Explorer
>design.  I should at least be able to give the group a decent description
>along with a critic of the problems associated with the thing.  Oh, and a
>long list of assumptions as well.

>Great!  I was hoping we'ld get a fleet of compeating ship designs!  We can
>try to cross link our pages when they are uploaded by Dave.

>Let me know if you want copies or help.

A word of warning is that I still have to work with BMP.  I'm afraid that I 
wasn't able to download the GIF program you gave me so all I can do for now 
is send bit demons.  I can do some decent drawings with the bit however and 
I will over the break.  I was wondering if you could compress them and send 
them on to the rest of the group so that their hard drives don't explode.

Glad to hear that you're enthusiastic about the idea.  I'm beginning to see 
already that much of the ARGOSY design will be vague, however.  It figure 
that it will at least have a similar summary as see in my Hybrid first draft 
plus troubleshooting points.

By the way, something I also plan to get to is an e-mail discussing the 
decel problems with the EXPLORER.  Its a great idea if drag can be overcome 
with minimal power losses.  Loading the decel/reacel track is also a pain.