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Re: Re: Summary A

>>You probably meen fusion.  Maybe eventually, but in the present political
>>climate not a chance.  Renewable  produces too little power and has too 
>>health and safty problems.  Utilities here are figuring on natural gas 
>>fuel cells as the next big wave in power plants.  Probably the basic power
>>for the next 40 years or more.

>Yes, I meant fusion. What kind of health problems does renewable energy
>have? Are solar-panels also dangerous?

Mainly industrial accident problems.  Solar especially causes a lot of
induystrial accident per amount of power since its a lot of little
distributed systems.

Renewable is a grab bag term.  So the problems would depend on the system.
 Bio mass obviously would take up a lot of land and have ecological impacts,
and polution effects from burning.  Wind and tide systems tend to chew up
animals that get in the way and take up a lot of relestate, and of course
have cronic relyabilty problems (you ever try to schedule a selected wind