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Nuclear Liquid Salt Reactor

I don't remember if this has ever been discussed here, but
I just saw this on sci.space.tech:


>BTW I've just seen an old Zubrin proposal for a Nuclear
>Liquid Salt Reactor. You take moderately enriched fuel
>in several tubes to a larger tube where the uranium goes
>critical and passes out the back through a nozzle. With
>a careful adjustment of the fuel flow there is a constant
>region of criticality. Low radiation on the vessel because
>all the gunk is in the fuel. He proposed it for LEO use. I
>liked it myself. Anyone seen a serious proposal for its use?

No, but I can think of a few. Such a vehicle would
be able to sustain multi-G accelerations for days!
Plus, the exhaust has a v(esc) higher than solar
escape v, so it's perfectly safe. Just don't tailgate!