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Re: Greenhouse effect

> The author of the first page does not make clear why 
> the greenhouse gets warmer, he only says that the 
> prevented-convection plays the major role. But
> then still the heat-energy has to come from somewhere.

> I still assume this has to do with the glass being less 
> reflective for solar radiation than for soil radiation 
> (just as you wrote before) and that the amount of 
> solar-heat reflected is slightly less than the 
> amount of reflected soil-heat (unlike what you wrote 
> before).

Tim I can't beleave you're having this much trouble with this! Green houses
heat up in the day when the sun pour a lot of IR on the area.  Some of it
heats up the inside of the greenhouse and the shelter keeps it from cooling
off as fast at night.  The same reason greenhouse gasses wouldn't effect
daytime temps (well in theory they might cool things), but would warm up the
nighttime temps (assuming their were enough of them to make a difference).

Could we go back to talking about the star ship?