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Greenhouse effect

Hello Kelly,

I was looking on the web for more info about the greenhouse effect, I found
the next 2 pages quite clear:

Bad Greenhouse (From a meteorology professor)

Greenhouse basics (From CSIRO)

When reading them, I found that both stated that greenhouse gasses do heat
the Earth. The first page also explains the difference between a
glass-greenhouse and the (enhanced) greenhouse effect in the atmosphere.

The author of the first page does not make clear why the greenhouse gets
warmer, he only says that the prevented-convection plays the major role. But
then still the heat-energy has to come from somewhere.

I still assume this has to do with the glass being less reflective for solar
radiation than for soil radiation (just as you wrote before) and that the
amount of solar-heat reflected is slightly less than the amount of reflected
soil-heat (unlike what you wrote before).