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Re: Recycling/AI and super human computers

To David

>So the "VR" for the AI is not the same as "VR" for us.
>It's "Virtual Binary" or whatever. Interesting.

It could be the same, but it doesn't have to be. Although the nature of the
brain may be digital its organisation is almost analog or continuous. So I
think that depending on it's input sources any environment would be
familiar, it only depends on what it gets to see first. Of course after a
while when it has seen several environments, it can choose what it likes
best, it may indeed be the binary space because of its speed but it may just
as well be the natural space because of its even greater complexity.

>But I see a problem.
>For example, we create an advanced AI to control the
>ship for decisions that need to be made too quickly
>for us to do.  In order to provide a "buffer zone",
>the AI manipulates virtual controls for the ship instead
>of real ones.  If we approve of the manipulation, we
>do it to the ship.  The problem is that this requires
>a human "in-the-loop", and we wind up defeating the
>purpose that we even have an AI for.

Indeed, if one use VR to be on the save side, there is always some one
needed to control the output. Of course we may assume that if after a
certain trial period no threatening outputs where discovered, it could be
relatively save to allow certain decisions to be executed directly.

A bigger problem may be that the AI does not like to be captured in cyber
space and decides to kill itself in some way. Or if its really smart, it
could pretend be nice, but as soon as we released it a bit it could take