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Re: Recycling/AI and super human computers

Timothy van der Linden wrote:
> >> I think there is another possibility to control the AI, we let it "live" in
> >> a virtual reality, which is created by us. So every action the AI
> >undertakes
> >> will not be a real one (so no harm to us), but since we can control it's
> >> input it may never know that it is not real.
> >
> >You forget.  It isn't a physical creature, it is a data construct.  A
> >'virtual reality' would be very alien to it.  It would probably bypass it to
> >the more natural binary data space.  Our physical world of time and space
> >could seem very alien.  Other concepts, like death, have caused some
> >confusion for advanced A.I. prototypes.
> I think it would very soon be bored about the binary space. But does it
> matter how its VR would look? The main idea is that we control its input and
> we could redirect its output to make it harmless.
> Timothy

So the "VR" for the AI is not the same as "VR" for us.
It's "Virtual Binary" or whatever. Interesting.

But I see a problem.

For example, we create an advanced AI to control the
ship for decisions that need to be made too quickly
for us to do.  In order to provide a "buffer zone",
the AI manipulates virtual controls for the ship instead
of real ones.  If we approve of the manipulation, we
do it to the ship.  The problem is that this requires
a human "in-the-loop", and we wind up defeating the
purpose that we even have an AI for.