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Re: Hands and brains

Timothy van der Linden wrote:
> Reply to Ric:
> >>Maybe they had a smaller brain because they were (coldblooded?) reptiles
> >>instead of warmblooded mammals.
> >
> >This is in great debate right now. Depends on which camp you are in. Dr
> >Bakker beleives they were mostly warm blooded based partly on the care of
> >young and other factors I can't remember right now. I tend to lean twords
> >his beliefs.
> >Ric
> They did lay eggs, I think? And they did not have hairs like most mammals.
> Did dinosaurs have scales like reptiles?

But Ric is just saying that they may have been warm
blooded - he's not saying they may have been mammals.
Birds, for instance, are warm blooded, but they're
not mammals.