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Re: Hands and brains

Sounds interesting.  Keep us informed, and don't hog the glory.  ;)

Subj:  Re: Hands and brains
Date:  Wed, Jan 31, 1996 9:27 AM EST
From:  David@interworld.com
X-From: David@interworld.com (David Levine)
To: T.L.G.vanderLinden@student.utwente.nl (Timothy van der Linden)
CC: KellySt@aol.com, stevev@efn.org, jim@bogie2.bio.purdue.edu,
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Timothy van der Linden wrote:
> To David:
> >While social and intelligent
> >animals, they're certainly not more intelligent than human
> >beings.  Perhaps the absolute size of a certain section
> >of the brain?  Like the cerebellum?
> I think you mean cerebrum (the large brains).

Yup, thanks.

Hey, all, I've just been contacted by the BBC via email about
a television show they want to do this summer about
how science fiction becomes science fact.  I'm not
sure they understand that LIT is a bunch of amateur
starship designers, and not actual professors or
anything.  I'm not sure what to tell them.  I've been
thinking about just explaining the situation to them,
explaining exactly what it is we're doing, and perhaps
giving them email addresses of good people to contact
whom I've met through LIT (like Zenon, if you'd want?)...