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Wrong person?

Kevin, you wrote this:

>P.S. to Timothy, tell the BBC that We'd love to talk with them.  I for 
>one would have no problem doing an interview.   :)

I'm not sure if you are adressing the right person, it was David who wrote
that message.

David wrote:

>Hey, all, I've just been contacted by the BBC via email about
>a television show they want to do this summer about
>how science fiction becomes science fact.  I'm not
>sure they understand that LIT is a bunch of amateur
>starship designers, and not actual professors or
>anything.  I'm not sure what to tell them.  I've been
>thinking about just explaining the situation to them,
>explaining exactly what it is we're doing, and perhaps
>giving them email addresses of good people to contact
>whom I've met through LIT (like Zenon, if you'd want?)...

David, is there a special reason you are addressing Zenon. (Just curious)