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Re: Hands and brains

>A Submarines Inertial Navigation System is calibrated before the boat ever
>goes on its' first seatrial. Any adjustments are done at that time. Any fine
>tuning later would prbably be done in a shipyard. Befxore the boat was
>commissioned the  Nav System would have been signed off as a matter of
>course. In the whole time I was aboard we never had to adjust ours. To get a
>"satnav" fix you would have to put a parascope up, (they have a stack of
>antenas on the top of them,) and get your satalite fixes. Parascopes even
>have a sextent in them to do star and moon and sun sights from parascope
>depth. The Inertial Nav System works off of the gyro cumpuses, shaft speed,
>current speed and direction and course steared. In my day it was a computer
>the size of a refrigerator. I'm sure it is much smaller now.

I think I have misunderstood it when they said they had to come to the
surface for recalibration, indeed a few antennas will do as well.