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Re: Fwd: LIT e-mail discussion group

At 1:14 AM 1/19/96, Steve VanDevender wrote:
>Hey, could we NEVER EVER mail 480,000 byte uuencoded BMP files to other
>people ever again?  I only have so much disk space for my mail.
>At least use a format like GIF or JPG that does some compression.  BMP
>is yet another of Microsoft's evils.

At 1:18 AM 1/19/96, Steve VanDevender wrote:
>I just unpacked that ridiculously huge .BMP file, cropped it to just the
>part of the bitmap that contained image details, and saved it as a .GIF
>file.  It was 4823 bytes.  Next time, think before you send this kind of
>crud around.

May I point out a certain line in said message

> Brian Mansur)
> To:	KellySt@aol.com ('KellySt@aol.com')
> Date: 96-01-18 20:45:47 EST

> --- Thanks for responding to my first ever e-mail Kelly! ---

The guy is new to this stuff.  So could you wait a bit to jump on him?
(We're trying to increase particapation!)  He does not yet know the evils
of the anti-christ Gates.  ;)



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