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Re: Engineering Newsletter

!Warning this letter contains no important info!

Timothy replies to Kevin:

>One reason to go to AC, would be to see if there are any planets, how far 
>out they are, and so forth.  The dynamicists tell us that we can expect 
>them to be close in to one of the stars, or way out from both (all three?)
>but I've not seen anything that says just how far out or how close in.  
>The opportunities for advancing our knowledge about multi-stared systems 
>might just make the trip worthwhile.  we could also see just how much 
>comprhensible noise our star system makes.  are we letting out a big Neon 
>sign that blinks and says "Eat at Sol's", or are we such tiny whos that 
>only Horton can hear us?  (from a Dr. Suess book called "Horton hears a 
>Who" for our non-native english members) 

And what is "a Who"?

>Anyway, you'll all be delighted to know that I now have a descent 
>calculator again, a TI-92  $231.00 at the Univ. Bookstore.  a thousand 
>curses on the miscreant who stole my TI-85  >:-(

So now all you have to do is learn where what function can be found under
these "10-function" buttons?