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Re: Engineering Newsletter

On Sat, 6 Jan 1996 KellySt@aol.com wrote:

> to:  Rick
> >> Now, is there any thing at AC worth going there for?
> Is there anything in Tau C?  You got a problem with multiple star systems or
> something?

One reason to go to AC, would be to see if there are any planets, how far 
out they are, and so forth.  The dynamicists tell us that we can expect 
them to be close in to one of the stars, or way out from both (all three?)
but I've not seen anything that says just how far out or how close in.  
The opportunities for advancing our knowledge about multi-stared systems 
might just make the trip worthwhile.  we could also see just how much 
comprhensible noise our star system makes.  are we letting out a big Neon 
sign that blinks and says "Eat at Sol's", or are we such tiny whos that 
only Horton can hear us?  (from a Dr. Suess book called "Horton hears a 
Who" for our non-native english members) 

As for the name "Asimov", I was under the impression that it was decided 
by vote, (although it now seems that we do it by rote)

Anyway, you'll all be delighted to know that I now have a descent 
calculator again, a TI-92  $231.00 at the Univ. Bookstore.  a thousand 
curses on the miscreant who stole my TI-85  >:-(