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RE: RE: Engineering Newsletter

Yes, SunSITE lost EVERYTHING.  They're still trying to figure
out with Sun what happened.  Apparently, the last backup didn't
even turn out to be a complete backup.  And when they try
restoring from an older backup, the machine keeps freezing up.
They promise to have stuff back soon, but it might be a month
old (which is not too bad for the Asimov, but really stinks for
things like ArchaeoSETI, and a huge amount of stuff that others
have on SunSITE).

However, every few days they've been promising to have stuff back
in a few days... so, I don't really know whether to believe things
will be all right or not.  Anyway, I have backups of various items,
but not the entire site.  The problem is that the site was very
poorly organized, directory-wise, and several of my sites shared
the same directory.  The resulting mess was more megabytes than
I cared to personally back up, trusting SunSITE's backup
devices.  You'd be surprised how big LIT alone was.  Anyway, this is
another reason I've been reorganizing stuff at home (this stuff I've
saved) - -  to give some sort of logical order to the structure, and
make it easier to backup, etc.

Never fear, LIT will return (and better than ever)... the question is when.

David Levine
Application Engineer - InterWorld
He tried to kill me with a forklift...