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RE: Engineering Newsletter

> >>>P.S.
> >>>A, I the only one who remembers to CC Dave Levin on the address 
> >>
> >>I've never received a (personal) notice from Dave, he just left me (us?) 
> >>in the dark and I always had to hear from some others that they had 
> >>made contact with him. The least he could have done was send a 
> >>(general) note telling he had no time for the SD-project anymore.
> >>In fact the only message I got from him was the one of December 
> >>So in short, I'm a disappointed by Dave's performance.
>You have a point. Certainly droping the Newsletter functions off line for ..
>what is it 2-3 months now?  Doesn't speak well for his enthusiasm.  Then
>again the participation has been kind of slight in general lately.


Well, this is interesting, considering I thought I --have-- been
keeping everyone up to date by occassionally sending out messages
CCed to everyone on this private list.  Of course, I only occassionally
get these messages, and then only from Kelly (and sometimes Kevin).

In fact, as I said earlier today, SunSITE is having some major malfunctions.
In the meantime, for the last month or two, I've been working at home
on getting together a system whereby LIT would have it's own
computer, and people here would get disk space, email accounts,
etc. at LIT.

If you are reading this message, please check my CC's and TO
line - - if there's someone I've left out, it's because I haven't been
included on any of their CC's... can someone forward my messages
to them?

It's interesting to note that I've been administrating four other web
sites... one of them, ArchaeoSETI, has also recently been
"disappointed" in my "performance".  I would like everyone to remember
that we are ALL volunteers in this endeavor... this includes me.

LIT was meant from the first to be an entirely web-based campus.
To be honest, I've never liked the idea of an email newsletter, and
would have preferred some kind of web-based discussion system
(and one a little more stable than the one I had originally written).
However, since everyone seemed to think that email newsletters
were the way to go, I've tried to keep up as best I could.  All of the
newsletters you have EVER received from LIT have been processed
ONE AT A TIME by me with a simple filter... I couldn't even get
".forward" to work on SunSITE, so I had to feed each email into
the filter program myself.  Let me tell you, this is a bunch of work.
Anyway, I have never ever intended to drop LIT, and I promise you
I am working in almost all of my free time to rebuild LIT into what
I've always wanted it to be.

One of the ideas of LIT was that it would grow.  I wanted it to be big.
In this case, it was to have several people helping me run such things
as classes and discussions.  I can't do everything.  When LIT
returns, I will still need help.

One of the things I'd like to do ASAP is find a charitable listserv
that could perhaps support the discussion list.  I have no idea where
to start doing this.  Does anyone have any ideas?

RE: the last message from me being on Dec. 17th.  Does anyone realize
that it's the 26th today?  In my book, nine days since my last message
(and actually I sent something this very morning) is not exactly
a very long time.  Hell, the newsletters from LIT used to come out
once a week, and were usually late at that.  Is 9 days really an
eternity all of the sudden?

There is lots more I'd like to say, but I'll let it lie for now.

David Levine
Application Engineer - InterWorld
He tried to kill me with a forklift...