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one question

Steve, I have a question for you. (BTW, Your sarcasm on the 
reactionless drive was not lost on me.  I am both overjoyed, and dismayed 
to have invented it  overjoyed for obvious reasons.  dismayed, because it 
cannot be --- although E E "Doc" Smith didn't think so ;)

Out in intergalactic space (far far away from all outside gravitational 
influences)  you have the following setup:

                                  black plate
                                  absorbs laser beam

                                  p= E/C |
                                   |  : :  |                     
                                   |  : :  |                     
                                   |  :L:  |                     
                                   |  :A:  |                     
 # - Laser source                  |  :S:  |                     
 : - Laser beam                    |  :E:  |              
 | - wires to hold plates          |  :R:  |        
                                   |  : :  |                     
                                   |  : :  |                     
                                   |  : :  |                     
                                   |  : :  |                     
                                   |  ###  |                     
                                   |  ###  |                     
                                   |  ###  |                     
                                    p= E/C |                             

The top plate (the absorber) is in thermal equilibrium with a large 
amount of solid Unobtainium  m.p. 2.7 K, atomic mass = sqrt(-1) g/cm^3 
so that there is no radiation from heat effects.  power is provided by a 
small on-board power source

What happens when you turn on the laser?                       

I'd say that it would just sit there, although you can clearly see that 
without the wires to hold them together, the laser source and the top 
plate would to move away from each other.  

The wires are clearly dissipating a momentum equal to 2 E/C.
that is what i was trying to say with my bb analogy.

i do have an idea now for a reactionless drive. (inspired by your 
sarcastic post)  It is late at night, and i must get some rest.
i will have to post it on the web, as ascii art is not of sufficient 
resolution to describe it fully.  I cannot see why it shouldn't work, 
Hopefully you will be able to explain.  I'll let you all know when it's 

Kevin H.