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Re: Summarry of the momentum wars and idea.

>KellySt@aol.com writes:
> > Ok, I'm geting lost in all these cascading arguments and
> > equations.  So to try to make sure we have an agreement, I'll
> > try to sumarize.
>If you can't stand the math get out of the physics.
Ric writes:

I have never even dreamed of ever understanding the physics of this but let
me toss some stuff out from a dummy's view point.
The impression I'm getting is that we can send the power to get us to TC but
we can't stop. Correct?
How about a hermaphrodite ship. We load it up with reaction mass and hold it
in reserve. At mid point we turn the ship, (I know, I know, we've been over
this before.) We furl the sail first. ( how we do this is the engineers
problem)  Turn the ship, begin tossing the reaction mass in the ram and
begin the slowing process. As we get nearer to TC unfurl the sail and begin
using TC as well as the reaction mass to help slow the ship.  
I just don't see how many times we can keep running around this topic until
we see that with our present technology we don't have too many other choices.

OK, guys tear it apart. :-) ( God how I love being canon fodder)
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