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Re: Mini SD-newsletter

To : Timothy
ReplyTo: Kelly

>Ok, how do you get the decel fuel in the Target star systems decel track,
>at an acceptable speed?  To get their befor the ship it would have to be
>going at relativistic speeds.  But if its going that fast, the ship couldn't
>catch its decel fuel.   i.e. the ship would slow down, but the fuel

>> Another way to get it at the target before the Asimov is 
>> to send it there before the Asimov is started. What I 
>> mean is that the slowest fuel-packets will be send 
>> from Earth many years before the Asimov starts moving 
>> to TC. ---- Of course there is a minimum
>> limit speed for the slowest and first package: The slower 
>> it moves the earlier it has to be send to TC. If we would 
>> need real slow packets we would need sending them now 
>> already.

Thats the problem.  1) if the ship needs fuel for .2 C or less, for a Tau
Ceti flight it would have to be launched about 60 years before the ship gets
there.  2)  To do all this precise launch timing decades before the flight
leaves would be perfect assurence that the fuel and ship will NOT get
together at the proper time.