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Re: Mini SD-newsletter

>>> The idea of pre-launcing fuel (brought up by Timothy 
>>> VanderLinden et. al.) is great for getting up to speed, but 
>>> I want to see how they intend to pre-load the decell track.
>> Hey that was my idea!  I agree with the problem with a decel track thou.
>> we could do that the ship systems would be a snap.
>I know it was your idea, but they brought it up most recently and also 
>said they had the math to back it up. <sure would like to see it>

>> "Sure would like to see it", thats what I told Nick. Nick and
>>  I discussed a lot about that, but REAL maths were not 
>> involved as far as I knew. This does not mean that we 
>> didn't agree. Pre-loading the decelleration track would 
>> not be troublesome if one could aim the "cannon"/"
>> lineac" precise enough. But about this aiming problem 
>> we did not agree.  If it is not clear to anyone how to 
>> pre-load the decell track, assuming there is no aiming 
>> problem, I wouldn't mind to explain, just ask me some
>> specific questions.

Hi Tim,
Ok, how do you get the decel fuel in the Target star systems decel track, and
at an acceptable speed?  To get their befor the ship it would have to be
going at relativistic speeds.  But if its going that fast, the ship couldn't
catch its decel fuel.   i.e. the ship would slow down, but the fuel wouldn't.