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Mini SD-newsletter

Subject: Pre-loading the decell track
>From   : Timothy
To     : Kelly and Others

>>> The idea of pre-launcing fuel (brought up by Timothy 
>>> VanderLinden et. al.) is great for getting up to speed, but 
>>> I want to see how they intend to pre-load the decell track.
>> Hey that was my idea!  I agree with the problem with a decel track thou.  If
>> we could do that the ship systems would be a snap.
>I know it was your idea, but they brought it up most recently and also 
>said they had the math to back it up. <sure would like to see it>

"Sure would like to see it", thats what I told Nick. Nick and I discussed a
lot about that, but REAL maths were not involved as far as I knew. This does
not mean that we didn't agree. Pre-loading the decelleration track would not
be troublesome if one could aim the "cannon"/"lineac" precise enough. But
about this aiming problem we did not agree.
If it is not clear to anyone how to pre-load the decell track, assuming
there is no aiming problem, I wouldn't mind to explain, just ask me some
specific questions.

Greetings Timothy

P.S. My name is Timothy van der Linden, I'm a real Dutchman so the
contraction to "VanderLinden" does not apply.