"Land of Abundant Pine Cones"

Curitiba, standing some 3,000 feet (914 meters) above sea level on the plateau of Serra do Mar, is the capital of the progressive state of Parana. Since the late 1800's, Curitiba's bracing climate and picturesque location have attracted immigrants of Slav, German, and Italian origin. Curitiba grew rapidly after 1950 and it is known for the sensible manner in which it became a major city without losing a comfortable life-style. The city derives its economic prosperity from its role as commercial and processing center for the expanding agricultural and ranch areas in the interior of the state. The population of this environmentally conscious capital has about 1,500,000 inhabitants.

(Adapted from text of the Brazilian Embassy in Washington,DC)

Some of the Sights:

The Ecological Capital


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The State of Paraná
Area : 199,544
Population : 9,150,000
Capital : Curitiba

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