Geology of the National Parks, fall, 2007

General Course Information
fall, 2007

Instructor: Marli Miller, Volcanology 105

Phone: 346-4410.
You can always leave a message.
email: click here
Office hours: Tuesdays: 10-11 AM; Wednesdays: 12noon-1PM; Thursdays: 9:30-10:30.
--Or by appointment.

Graduate Teaching Fellows:    Christine Metzger

Texts (Required)
Seeing Time, Miller
Introduction to Grand Canyon Geology, Price
Geology, Rhodes

Grades are based on written assignments, one midquarter exam, a final exam, written assignments and the discussion section.
Each is worth the following percentage of your final grade:

Midquarter exam 20%
Final exam 30%
Written Assignments 20%
Discussion Section Assignments 30%

Exams will consist of a mix of short-answer, multiple choice, and one or two short essay questions. The final exam will be cumulative. If your final exam score is higher than your midterm, I will use the final exam score for both.

Written Assignments are crucial to understanding the material. They will consist of 3 short assignments that emphasize different aspects of the material we are covering in class at that time, and a longer assignment at the end of the couurse. 

Note: All assignments should be typed. However, if the computers or printers crash, you may write it by hand--neatly. For full credit, homework must be handed in on time. I will accept late papers only if you contact me or leave a message at least a day before it is due.

Discussion Section Meetings provide the opportunity to meet in smaller groups to get some hands-on experience with the material. Our meetings will emphasize rocks, maps, close inspection of photographs, and occasionally a video. Your GTF will provide more information. The sections meet once a week, beginning with week 1.

Field Trips
There will be two optional field trips for this course.
Saturday, October 6 to Crater Lake National Park.
Saturday, October 20 to Roseburg area and Oregon Coast.
Make sure you bring warm clothing, raingear, sturdy walking shoes, and LUNCH.

Books on Reserve
Have a look!  They're in the Science Library.

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