Written Assignment #1   
Due, Thursday, October 11
(originally due Tues., Oct. 9)

The Cascade Volcanoes

Write a brief (<300 word) essay describing the Cascade Volcanoes.  What types of volcanoes are they?  Where are they?  What is their plate tectonic setting?  Do they pose threats to any major population centers?  What, specifically are the threats?  What is the likelihood that a Cascade Volcano will erupt anytime in the near future?  Is there any ongoing activity--volcanic or seismic--associated with any of the volcanoes?  What is it?  What can geologists do to help alleviate the dangers?  Use information from the handout on Mt. Rainier, your text booklet, and the Cascade Volcano Observatory homepage to answer these questions.  You can go directly to the CVO homepage at

The answers to some of these questions will be immediately apparent and easy to describe.  Others will require more thought and some research.  On the CVO homepage, I recommend clicking on “Cascade Volcanoes” underneath the heading “Volcanoes.”

To get a better feeling for what these volcanoes are like, take a look through their photo archives.

    A few suggestions:
    Decide beforehand on your major points and group them in clear paragraphs.
    As with any written assignment, provide concrete, specific examples to illustrate your points.

    A few things to be especially careful about:
    typographical errors
    mis-use of the word “it’s”
    mis-use of the words there/their/they’re
    non-gender neutral words

Your essay is due at the beginning of class on Thursday, October 11.
(note: the original syllabus has it due on Tuesday, Oct 9).

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