Written Assignment #4

Give a detailed account of any geologic feature, geologic region, or geologic phenomenon in the Pacific Northwest.

length: no longer than 750 words.
point value: 20% of total grade.

Include a list of references. No minimum number required, but keep in mind that it tends to reflect the effort you put into the project.


The best essays will be focussed, clearly written, and well illustrated. Pick a topic that interests you, has a variety of references, and is narrow enough to allow a detailed description. If the topic is too broad, you will likely be restricted to simple statements and generalities to cover it all.

As far as writing, look over the essay hints page. Then after you've written the essay, give it to a friend or two to read critically. Ask them to point out the parts that are somewhat hard to follow. Then revise it to make it easier to follow.

Make sure you don't have any typographical or spelling mistakes --those will adversely affect your grade. Remember, "it's" means "it is".

Illustrations should be clear and informative. Equally important, the text should refer to them explicitly (even better, the text should discuss the illustrations) as "Fig. 1, Fig. 2, Fig. 3A, Fig. 3B, etc."

Please staple your essay together before handing it in.

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