Environmental Geology and Landscape Development

Week 9

Monday, February 28   Coasts and Shorelines

Reading for Wednesday: Chapter 15, Shoreline Systems, p. 386-405.  Make sure you understand the basics of coastal deposition and erosion.  Study figure 15.18 for a good summary.

Click here for a photo of the Cape Cove Landslide--highway 101 north of Florence.

Wednesday, March 1    Deserts and wind

Reading for Wednesday: Chapter 16, Eolian Systems, p. 420-441.  Read carefully the first part (420-425) and the section on desertification, p. 439-440.  Take a good look at all the photos!

Friday, March 3       Finish Deserts and wind
                                   Relative dating and geologic time

Reading for Friday: Chapter 8, Geologic time, p. 171-183; 193-196.  Study figure 8.18ótry to work backwards from the last step to the firstóafter all, itís the last step that we actually see.  Compare fig. 8.18j with fig. 8.17.  Then read carefully the brief section "Magnitude of Geologic Time on p. 194-196.

Final Essay due.  Make sure itís typed and stapled, free of typos and misspellings, and contains a minimum of three substantive references.  Refer to our website for writing hints
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