Environmental Geology and Landscape Development

Week 10

Monday, March 6   Earth Resources

Reading for Monday: Chapter 24, EarthÝs Resources, p. 642-665.  Become familiar with the types of resources as they relate to rock type.  We will emphasize those that form in sedimentary rocks, because this course emphasizes processes that occur on the earthÝs surface.  Take a good look at Fig. 24.8.

Wednesday, March 8   Earth Resources
Reading for Wednesday: Chapter 24, EarthÝs Resources, p. 669-672.  Read carefully the section on Easter Island, p. 670-672.  Then answer this question: Suppose you had a jar in which lived a tiny organism.  Each day, the organism doubled its population, so that after 30 days, it completely filled the jar.  Once it fills the jar, it dies, because it has expended all the nutrients and its waste products have contaminated the environment.  1) After how many days will the jar be half full?  2) Assuming our organism is intelligent, at what point do you think it recognized the danger of overpopulation?

Friday, March 10   Course Review

**Final exam will be held at 10:15 AM, Tuesday, March 14

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