Environmental Geology and Landscape Development
Week 4 
Monday, January 24   Erosion and Mass Wasting
      Stream erosion vs. mass wasting
      Aspects of stream erosion

Reading: Textbook, Chapter 11, Slope Systems, Chapter 12, River Systems.  In chapter 11, read p. 252-254 to get an idea as to the meaning of mass wasting. ("mass movement" in the text).  Then, read p. 284-291 in chapter 12 for stream erosion.

Wednesday, January 26   Mass Wasting

Reading: Textbook, Chapter 11, Slope Systems, p. 255-271. Pay special attention to the section on "Types of mass movement".  Make sure you understand Figures 11.4, 11.10B, and 11.18.

Friday, January 14   Erosion and Mass Wasting

**Written Essay, due Friday.  Read the first half of the article by Brenda Bell "Liquid Earth" (up to "The Oddstad Tragedy).  You can access it through our website: just click on "writing assignment #2" and follow the directions.  Then, in <300 words, write a summary. Make sure you address why mass movements are such a common and difficult problem, what types of materials are usually involved, and what types of events commonly trigger them.

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