Environmental Geology and Landscape Development
Week 5

Monday, January 31      Finish Mass Wasting Processes
                                          Streams, Rivers, Deltas, alluvial fans.

Reading for Monday: Chapter 12, River Systems, p. 272-284; 296-300.  Take a good long look at the opening photo for the chapteróWow! do rivers influence landscape or what?  Also have a good look at figure 12.2 to see the overall layout of a river system.  Make sure you understand the concepts of base level (p. 280) and equilibrium (p. 282-284).  Then, read carefully the section on deltas and alluvial fans.  It is relevant to Fridayís written assignment.

Wednesday, February 2     Rivers and Floods

Reading for Wednesday: Chapter 12, River Systems, p. 300-303; New York Times article on flooding in Sacramento Valley, CA.  Compare these two readings.  What is the effect of our flood control measures?

*****Thursday, February 3: Review session: 5PM-5:50PM, this classroom.

Friday, February 4        Rivers and Floods
                                        Flood Control
                                        Whatís happening on the Mississippi?

---->**Written Essay, due Friday.  Read the article from Science News: Dammed if they doÖ on the Mississippi River in Louisiana.  This article was given out as a hand-out on Friday, Jan. 28.  Also, review the section on deltas from your textbook (p. 296-299).  Then, in 300 words or less, respond to the statement: "The economy of New Orleans will crash within the next 50 years".  Agree or disagreeóand make sure to include specific details to back up your statement.

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