Geology 101
Earth's Dynamic Interior
***Week 4***

Monday, October 20
Hot Spot Volcanism: Yellowstone and Hawaii
Continental Rifting

Reading for Monday: In Chapter 4, p. 95-99, and Chapter 6, p. 157-159, there are descriptions of Hot Spot Volcanoes followed by Continental Rifting.

Wednesday, October 22
Intrusive igneous Rocks
Plate Tectonics and the Sierra Nevada

Reading for Wednesday: Sections 6.5-6.6 (p. 147-152) contain some good material on intrusive rocks.  Take special note of figure 6.14.

Friday, October 24
Mini Quiz
Accretionary Tectonics

Reading for Friday: Read the selection on accreted terranes in chapter 11 (p. 339 and figure 11.31).  Well see an excellent video on the topic for the second half of lecture.

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