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[Tom Selleck in a tuxedo]

Tom Selleck definitely made a suave, sophisticated private eye in Magnum, P.I.. However I think some of his best performances were delivered in greasy cowboy hats and dusty Levis in "The Sacketts", "The Shadow Riders", and "Quigley Down Under". As Matthew Quigley, Selleck plays a deadly but quiet man of integrity whose self confidence is never ostentatiously displayed but instantly recognizable by the perceptive observer - the exact opposite of his wealthy antagonist played by Alan Rickman. Laura San Giacomo turns in an excellent performance as "Crazy Cora", too.

As a child I watched Raymond Burr, as Perry Mason, win every case he ever tackled except one. Later, he returned to television as "Ironside", a disabled detective who was equally successful at solving crimes. Burr's character was recognized as one of the first disabled characters in a prime time series and was applauded by activists for the physically challenged.

[Raymond Burr as Perry Mason]


[Ed Asner as Lou Grant]

Ed Asner is a politically outspoken actor that unfortunately has suffered the consequences in an industry that is as surprisingly conservative as the entertainment industry. However, he continues to add to an impressive body of work. See:


Eddie Murphy seems to suffer from a need to incorporate gratuitious profanity into many of his performances. Although I am hardly a prude, I couldn't even sit through "48 Hours". I actually preferred one of his films that didn't score well with the critics ,"The Golden Child", a fanciful tale of a young Dalai Lama that was made over a decade before "Seven Years in Tibet" and "Kundun".

[Eddie Murphy as The Nutty Professor]

[Dudley Moore as Arthur]

I don't think I've ever really watched Dudley Moore in "Arthur". I like the theme song from the film (The Best That You Can Do) and have the sheet music for it but have never really watched the movie itself.

Buddy Ebsen was a talented comedian but I always remember him as Davey Crockett's side kick Georgie Russell in the Disney incarnation of the famous western hero.

[The Beverly Hillbillies]

[Glenn Ford in Flower Drum Song]

I always enjoyed the work of Glenn Ford. In fact, he starred in my favorite miniseries, "Once An Eagle" with Sam Elliott, an Oregon-born actor probably best know for his work in a number of westerns. In "Once An Eagle" Sam Elliott played Sam Damon, an honorable career soldier who suffered from the politically motivated actions of his superiors. The drama spanned WWI and WWII. The book on which it is based by Anton Myrer actually encompassed all the wars up to Vietnam.

Although Marlon Brando won an Oscar for "The Godfather", I preferred some of his earlier works like "One-Eyed Jacks" and "On The Waterfront".

[Marlon Brando as The Godfather]

[Laurel and Hardy]

I'm not a big fan of slapstick comedy but I have seen enough clips from Laurel and Hardy to recognize a well-done sculpture of the pair. My taste in comedy must be similar to that of Sykes' alien girlfriend in the series "Alien Nation". Sykes tried to share his enthusiasm for the Three Stoogies with her and she just looked at him and asked what was so funny about people hurting each other.

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